Quantum Graphs and Quantum Random Walks in Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics


Research on networks, their connectivity and dynamics has been an ever growing field in science and mathematics due to a number of reasons: the large number of applications (from traffic control, social networks, biological and computer networks to light transmission through a glass fibre networks), the flexibility of networks models, the available computing power to simulate complex network dynamics,and the ability to use rigorous approaches and analytic tools.

This school aims to introduce PhD students (and early career scientists) in Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science to various aspects of the spectral theory of linear and nonlinear operators on networks. During the school we will explore the intricate relations between graphs models in Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science and point out similarities between those apparently different research directions which are all combined in the interdisciplinary area of networks.

The school will consist of five lecture series:

  • Quantum Random Walks in Physics and Computer Science (Andris Ambainis, University of Latvia)
  • Spectral Theory of Quantum Graphs (Gregory Berkolaiko, Texas A&M)
  • Nonlinear Waves on Quantum Graphs (Diego Noja, Università Milano-Bicocca)
  • Graphs and their Applications in Quantum Chaos (Uzy Smilansky, Weizmann Institute of Science)
  • Anderson Localization in Graphs (Simone Warzel, TU München)

Additional talks on contemporary research on those fields will be given by the lecturers and invited speakers.

Participants are encouraged to present their work in poster sessions and seminar talks. Participants who wish to present their work in a poster or a 25 minute presentation are asked to indicate this in the registration form. The organizers will get in touch with the participants to let them know whether their presentation was assigned for a poster or for a seminar talk.

  • Organizing committee

Ram Band (Technion)
Claudio Cacciapuoti (Università dell’Insubria)
Sven Gnutzmann (University of Nottingham)




    • Sponsors

Insubria International Summer School – IISS


Università dell’Insubria – Dipartimento di Scienza e Alta Tecnologia



International Association of Mathematical Physics – IAMP



Italian Society for Chaos and Complexity