The School will be open to a maximum of  50 participants.

Registration fee
100 euro (VAT 22% included) The fee covers all lectures; course material; wi-fi connections; lunches and coffee breaks; social dinner. Participants have to fill in and submit the application form.
Members of the Italian Society for Chaos and Complexity are entitled for a 10 euro discount on the admission fee.

Application for financial support: May 31, 2019
Application for poster or oral presentation: June 30, 2019
Registration: June 30, 2019

Poster Session and seminar talks
Participants willing to give a poster or oral presentation should submit the title and abstract in the application form.

Financial support
Funds are available to provide financial support for a limited number of participants. The financial support is intended to cover (partially or fully) accommodation and/or travel expense.
Participants can apply for financial support through the Application Form by submitting a short CV before May 31, 2019.